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Paypal: sadromania1@gmail.com
A mother dog, we called her Cindy, was exposed with her 9 puppies in a field. She was totally desperate and when she saw a lady walk by she ran towards her. You can imagine this lady’s surprise when she saw the dog coming at her with 9 little puppies in tow!!
But it was Cindy’s lucky day, because this woman Nicoleta was one of the animal welfare we support.
Without hesitation, she brought the little family home. Now we have to buy food, treat the rattle gang against parasites and get them vaccinated. As soon as the little family is fully vaccinated, we will be looking for loving families.
But one step at a time!
❗️ The vet was at Nicoleta’s yard yesterday. So far everyone is healthy. The mother dog is now called Cindy and she has a negative Mediterranean check and will be neutered promptly.
She is about 2 years old and a very friendly and open dog ❤