Tom (now Lenny) has written us a wonderful letter! πŸ₯°

Long text by cat Tom now Lenny ❀
β€²β€² 10.10.2020 was a very special day for me. The days before I started a very long journey. The journey to a beautiful, interesting, cozy, exciting, and above all loving future. While I was still thousands of miles away with many other four-legged travel companions, my new two-legged parents barely slept with excitement. That’s how much they looked forward to me. It wanted to spread boredom along the way when I was embedded in a basket by my very nice tour guides and welcomed by my new two-legged parents. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my new parents big eyes. No wonder at my sight. Without imagination, I have to claim to be a beautiful cat. My soft fur shimmer in all shades of red πŸ˜‡.
Very tired of the long journey but still happy, I finally arrived at my new home after another shorter drive. I heard my new parents say :”Now you’re home sweet little Lenny”. I was a little surprised since I’ve been called Tom so far. It didn’t bother me any further though.
The two even had their own room ready for me. They didn’t know my plans yet though… Actually, I was too tired to eat, but it was so delicious, I filled my tummy several times. Then I had to first explore my new home and see what kind of scraper I can do in the future. That night I was so overturned I could barely find peace of mind. Things should get better from night to night though and meanwhile I’m a real late riser.
Meanwhile I have also met my new cat siblings, a brother and two sisters. The girls were a bit bit bitchy at the beginning, but that’s how girls are occasionally. With my charm I wrap them all around my paw though; a little more every day.
Yes, what can I say, the photos you see, they probably speak for themselves. Summed up with one sentence I can now say I came, saw and purred πŸ€—!!!
And now if I’m settled in a little more intensively into my new home, I’ll make the garden unsafe. And for so long I’ve been practicing climbing the tree in our living room, much to my parent s’ joy.
I wish you all the best for my future!”