Departure day 18.12 😍

!! Last transport of the year!! ❀
Again 15 furry noses were allowed to travel into happiness, many of them are eagerly awaited by their new families.
We are especially happy for:
* Akia the anxious mother dog whose puppies (Momo, Beppo, Cassi, Dogena, Gianna, Gigi, Loya and Marley) were all adopted 4 years ago. She lived in a garage with Hartan all this time.
* Hartan, who has been overlooked over and over again and has finally found his family ❀
* Harpy, an anxiety puppy who is going to an experienced foster home.
* Ursu, from the reception station we support, who has been waiting for his people for 6 years ❀
* Lacrima, who came out of poor attitude and now has the chance of a lovely family.
!! Thanks to the tireless German SAD team and thanks to all who helped to make this last trip possible!!