Ursu in foster home in 44369 Dortmund🍀- for contact Whatsapp message 0152 31877442

Ursu can be visited at his foster home in 44369 Dortmund. He comes from a reception station in Bucharest where he waited for his chance for years. He is about 8 years old, 54 cm tall and weighs 23 kg. He is neutered.
He loves people and is open and friendly looking for human closeness. He’s a totally awesome and cuddly buddy.
He likes other dogs no matter what gender but does not play with them. He is quiet and likes to withdraw.
Cats also think Ursu is good ❤ He likes to take long walks through the forest with his humans and then be petted for hours at home.
Ursu would be best kept in a quiet household with a garden. Of course he is housebroken and can stay alone for hours after an acclimatization period.
Ursu has a positive Mediterranean check. He has heart worms and is already on medication. You don’t notice anything at all because he is top-fit!
If you are interested, please ONLY send a WHATSAPP message with a short application to the following number:
0152 31877442