Sara can be visited in foster home in 69118 Heidelberg! πŸ₯°

Unfortunately Sara is still looking for her home πŸ™
She can be visited in 69118 Heidelberg.
Sara (answers more to the name Runa) is a dear family dog, likes to cuddle and is very adaptable. She is currently very anxious in some situations (like crossing bridges, foreign houses – especially when there are stairs – and strangers, especially men). However, she is very attached to her human. She still has to practice staying alone at home. She goes well on a leash overall, but sometimes her hunt drive comes out (wildlife and cats). At first, she is rather anxious and restrained towards other dogs, with growing confidence but open-minded and playful. In summary, she is a lovely dog with a lot of potential, but still needs time and patience.
Sara was born in mid-2017 s, she is 55 cm tall, neutered and fully vaccinated. She is medicated for heart worms.