Baiatu πŸ’–πŸ’™ is in foster home 31535 Neustadt waiting for visitors!

Baiatu is looking for his own home.
Male, born 2016
Approximately 47 cm tall, neutered, rather shy, very sweet πŸ’–
Housebroken, travels in the car without any problems
In foster care in 31535 Neustadt
Baiatu is briefly summoned Bruno at his foster home. Bruno has been there for two weeks and is getting more and more curious. He’s already walking on a leash, traveling in the car without any problems. Bruno is housebroken and can stay alone for a short time with his pack. He is still afraid of strange sounds. Bruno is just sweet, absolutely not aggressive. He is compatible with dogs and cats. He is low key and there should be another dog in his new home to orient himself to. His new home should be more like a quiet household, kids like from teenage age. He is looking for people who will give him time to relax and trust completely.
His story from Romania:
Baiatu was born in 2016 into the garden at Nicoleta project. His little mother Piticuta and brother Azor have already found their own families. Baiatu was repeatedly overlooked because he is a bit shy and likes to watch new people from a distance.
Then he was put back because he had heart worms.
He is compatible with his peers in the project and plays very nicely with them but doesn’t like it too wild because he is a rather calm dog. He was in a kennel with three other males, all of which were strong, playful and sometimes rough. He kept up to a certain point with them, then retreated and let them continue playing alone.
He also likes cats and is looking for their company.
Baiatu is a friendly good male. He is shy not anxious and not aggressive at all. He needs a sovereign dog by his side who gives him support and courage to orient himself to learn to open himself up to man.
Baiatu now has a negative 4Dx test and is heartworm free and nothing stands in the way of his departure!
He is 47 cm tall, fully vaccinated, has a negative Mediterranean check and is neutered.