Mayla (Mantiriza) can be visited in foster home 46049 Oberhausen

Looking for a sofa space for Mayla 🐢🐾
Mantiriza / Mayla
Mixed breed
Female / Neutered
Born: 08/12
Size: approx. 50 cm (50 β€²β€²)
Location: on PS in 46049 Oberhausen
Mayla spent her whole life in the reception station and wasn’t allowed to know much in her life…
She was very lucky and recently came to Germany to a foster home.
In the beginning she was still a little reluctant and shy… That changed quickly and she blossomed more and more.
She enjoys the daily walks, the tranquility and the many cuddles she gets in her foster home.
Mayla is a calm and friendly dog who just wants to please!
She’s coping well with the dogs in the foster home and also with guinea pigs Tom she made friends ❀️
We are looking for a quiet home for her where she can spend a few more beautiful years…
Unfortunately, the years in the reception station did not pass without a trace…
Mayla has a slight chronic achilles tendon inflammation… This can be improved by muscle building training and physical therapy…
She was also bit off her ear… She doesn’t mind that at all…. And she has almost no teeth left… But that doesn’t stop her from eating dry food πŸ˜‰
Mayla is a fighter and wants to actively participate in life 😊
Mayla is of course chipped, dewormed and vaccinated, has a valid EU vaccination card. She has a positive Mediterranean check for Erlichose (this one was treated)
Who wants to give her a chance? πŸ€