PEET is in Germany and can be visited near Frankfurt! via phone: 015228633960 or email:

PEET is in Germany and can be visited near Frankfurt!
Peet arrived safely at his foster home, turned out to be a big cuddle and loves soft pads. He is a passionate mouse digger with passion.
He is also suitable for elderly people, since he is more of a cozy dog.
Peet was rescued by one of the caregivers of APA in Bucharest in late 2020 when he was bullied by other dogs. She didn’t know where to go with him and took him to the reception station.
Peet is a funny little dog man, about 40 cm tall and weighs approx. 11 kg. He has a congenital stubby tail. He was born in the middle of 2016.
Peet is a little shy at first but can be bribed very well with treats. Love just goes through his stomach. Peet is compatible with his kennel occupants and lives peacefully in his mini pack.
Peet is fully vaccinated, neutered and has a negative Mediterranean check.
About interested parties from the Mittelhessen area (Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Gie ieรŸenen, Marburg etc. ) the little dog man would definitely be very happy.
If you would like to meet this friendly dog man, contact Susanna Meisel, phone: 015228633960 or via mail: