Departure day 14.01.2022 πŸ€πŸ’œπŸ’–

We are very happy that 10 fur hearts can escape the bitter minus degrees and travel to the warmth of their homes! πŸ’–
We are especially happy for Grandpa Baron from the APA reception station, who has been sitting behind bars all his life and now has the chance to have his own soft and warm basket. Thank you Katja!
Little SandyΒ  and puppy Saffron travel to their families! πŸ’–
Sibling cats Ozzy and Ruby have been adopted just like their mom Mara. The beautiful Caramel has grabbed a foster with her friend Ginger, and the same for lovely Honey and the handsome cat Jok.
We wish you safe travels and all the best in your new life! πŸ€
A big thank you to the German SAD and the Paw Helper Team for the tireless effort to give the SAD refugees a better life!