Luna can be visited in foster home 31535 Neustadt! πŸ’–πŸ€

Neutered, vaccinated, chipped and dewormed
Born 07/2021
Approx. 50 cm tall
Foster home in 31535 Neustadt
Update from the nursing home:
Luna shows herself open and curious about new things, at first she is careful. She is good with her peers and the cat. She wants to play and cuddle. She can also move to a family with children, preferably also a dog to play with. LUNA is walking on a leash, is a goofy and a really loving dog.
Her life from Romania:
Born July 2021 and currently 50 cm tall.
Luna is a very playful, brave and confident dog girl. She likes to always be first in everything especially when feeding. There she is immediately in place because she is always hungry. Luna is tolerant and plays with her friends all day.
Luna was found with 4 other puppies near railroad tracks. Nicoleta, from the Nicoleta Project, has taken three puppies – Bernie, Lisa and Luna – one of her acquaintances – the other two.
All 5 puppies were healthy and fit from the start. There was no sign of the mother dogs.