Emi – ❗Looking for a home❗ She can be visited at foster home in Bochum 🍀❤️

Hello ,
My name is Emi ehm. Macca.
I was born in May 2020 in Romania . Now I have grown up with approx. 35 cm back height and 7 kg. Since September 2020 I have been living in Bochum with a family with two children. Since spring 2021 I’m also neutered.
I love long walks, especially with another dog. Actually, I get along well with all dogs, the main thing is that I can play and roar. And in general I love being outside.
Because I want to protect everyone, I still bark in the garden when someone walks by. During the walks , I sometimes bark when I think my family is threatened .
Even if I’m used to having two small children around me, I hardly get along with other children. I just can’t appreciate the small people.
The family I live in has a cat . But the cat never wanted to get to know me. We fought a lot . I think I just don’t like cats.
Unfortunately I snapped 3 times after the little child in the family out of fear because I can’t value such small people. I didn’t really want that, but it happened. I always apologized straight up but family that’s too dangerous with me
Even if visits come, I am very skeptical and need some time until I have accepted that someone is coming to my territory.
In the evening I also like to cuddle on the couch. Of course, only where I’m allowed to lie. That’s what I learned, like many basic commands. I’m teachable but I’m also stubborn. Something comes out of the dachshund in me.
So I am looking for a new family who don’t have kids , likes the outdoors and maybe have a second dog already . We will need some time to get used to my bugs, but my trainer said I am not a hopeless case.
If you feel addressed, feel free to contact us! Maybe we’re a good match.
Your Emi
Ps: I can also stay home alone for a few hrs.
Location : Bochum