Pufarina waiting for her new home! πŸ€β€οΈ She can be visited in 31535 Neustadt πŸ€—

Now Pufarina is waiting for her own home as the last of the siblings.

Age : Aprox. 11/2021
Breed: Mixed breed
Gender: female
Weight: approx. 12 kgs
Shoulder Height (Size): approx 50 cm
Castrated : yes
Vaccines : yes, all of them
Diseases : no known for
Male friendly : yes
Gets along with bitches: yes
Gets along with cats: yes
Kid Friendly : yes
Cleaning the house : yes
Leading a leash: getting trained
Location: 31535 Neustadt
Description: Pufarina is careful and observes strangers at first, but quickly shows up and then wants to cuddle and play.
Of course, Pufarina still has to learn a lot, she can’t do the dog 1×1 yet.
But she already knows how to drive in the car and is very fond of it.
She can be transferred to an active family and could possibly be something for dog sports.
If you are really interested, please PM or Whatsapp at 0173204323o
She is mediated through the association Save a Dog Romania with positive preliminary control, protection contract and protection fee.