Departure day 26.08.2022! πŸ€πŸ₯°πŸ€

Seven fur hearts are leaving today! ❀️
Puppy Asera, the little male dog found abandoned, rescued, stolen and found again has grabbed a great spot! He comes to a foster with dogs, ponies, goats and kids. There he can finally rest after the epic start in his life.
Puppies Eric and Enzo, who were luckily thrown over the back gates of the shelter station because there is a Doberman in front, are allowed to visit the Paw residence Wildenrath in Wegberg.
The remaining 4 cats, by Carmen Dodi, who were prepared by us to leave on 24.07.2022, have also found their places.
We wish everyone a safe journey and all the best in your new life! πŸ€
Hereby we would like to thank once again the clubs that support us and foster homes that offered themselves.
A beautiful example of teamwork! 🌺