Lee πŸ€— looking for a home πŸ€

Lee is in a foster home in 72127 Kusterdingen (near Stuttgart) and can be visited there.
He is 4 months old, currently 40cm and 9kg heavy. He is house trained and eats very well. He loves to cuddle with his humans and is always looking for closeness. He is happy with all people and is not afraid of anything.
Tractors, cars, pedestrians and running children are no problem, he is fully environmentally safe and very interested in his environment. He will be a medium size.
He is welcome to move to one or more dogs because he also has no problem with other dogs. He also thinks cats are great.
Even with staying alone (3 hours) he has no problem, the first few minutes he whines a bit, then he sleeps soundly.
If interested please contact
saveadogromania@web.de πŸ€