Rodion can be visited in foster home near Duisburg starting with 25.02.2023! πŸŒΊπŸ€

!! Child-loving friendly little male Rodion (40 cm) is waiting for visitors!! ❀️❀
He was born 14.06.2018. He’s 40cm tall and weighs 15kg. He is fully vaccinated, neutered and has a negative 4DX IDEX Mediterranean check.
Rodion is a rather quiet, very good dog. He likes other dogs and is very popular in his small pack at Carmen Dodi.
He is a really sweet dog who seeks to be close to people. He loves to be petted. He especially likes children and is very gentle when dealing with them.
!! Rodion is one of the kindest and most loving dogs she has ever had, according to Carmen Dodi. Having Carmen Dodi say this means a lot as she has already homed hundreds of dogs!! ❀️