Foster homes needed! πŸ™πŸ€

Foster homes are also being sought!
!! Urgent help is needed here!! ❀️
Siblings Nic and Nicole live in a small, modest private shelter outside of Bucharest β€” the Nicoleta Project β€” where they’ve been secured since puppies. The manager of this shelter has fallen ill and needs surgery at the end of June. She has asked us to find another place for these 2 dogs as she has to drastically reduce the number of dogs she has at her shelter.
It’s urgent that both dogs leave!
Siblings Nic and Nicole born 09/08/2022.
They were found in a TIR park. Running between the trucks alone and without mom. Both pups were very friendly and open from the start.
They are on a leash. A child test can be done upon request. They are nice, loving, open and curious young dogs and are available for adoption at the best age.
They are healthy, fully vaccinated, neutered, tested and ready to travel.
For more information on the young dogs, please email
or contact the agents directly via whatsapp.
Miriam Leverentz: 0176/ 23832720
Steffi Seeger : 01577 4446420
Ulla Dabrowska: 01512 9109457