Departure day 03.11.2023! πŸ€πŸ₯³πŸ’–

Three lucky mushrooms are traveling today!
We are especially happy for Speed because she has been waiting at Carmen Dodi’s farm for a very long time.
She came to her as an accident victim in early May 2008 and together they went a long way until Speed could finally run properly again. Unfortunately, a slight incontinence remained, which was the reason for many not wanting to adopt her.
As hope slowly faded that she would ever find a nice family, she found a place and is traveling to the Netherlands today. Speed is going Dutch πŸ₯³
The 2 adorable feline friends, Ariel and Dolly, are eagerly awaited by their family.
We wish you a safe journey and all the best in your new life!! πŸ™