Speed πŸ’œ is in the best hands and we hope she finds her own family soon πŸ€

Report from the foster home in Holland:
β€œWhen I got pictures of SAD Romania dogs, I decided on PokPok and Speed. Especially the older dogs, who often no one wants, I want to help and show that life can also be beautiful.
PokPok came to Holland 2 months ago and has already found a nice home.
Speed wasn’t ready to leave yet. She still needed to be “treated” and that’s how Speed came to me only last week.
Speed has settled in quickly and well!
She is now eating fresh meat which helps her with her mouth disease.
Her incontinence is already under control too.
She only sleeps softly and the open wound on the leg that could never really heal because of the hard floor is also almost healed.
The accident at about 5 years left a slightly deformed gait behind. She walks well and pain free. Speed goes for a regular walk and is seen by a physiotherapist to build muscles.
Speed loves going for walks!!
Speed has not learned much in all these years and therefore much is still new and she is “getting used to it”. She is very willing to learn and does everything great.
She is an incredibly sweet, happy and gentle dog. She’s a bit stubborn but we don’t blame her now because she can finally explore the world.
Speed has a lot of love to give and she’s supposed to enjoy the second half of her life becoming someone’s best friend.
She deserves it so much❀️”
Speed was rescued by Carmen Dodi about 5 years ago.