About us



We are a team in Romania of determined people who have been involved in animal welfare for some years and who fight for animal rights.

Preserving dogs from certain death or rehabilitating sick animals and finding a home is the goal of our work. Each of our protégés should have a right to a life, with security, love, security and understanding. With this goal in mind, we fight for every single animal and for every person who wants to support us and save animal life.


With the entry of Romania into the EU, the “street dog ​​problem” had to be solved. How is this the quickest and most effective? With the elimination! His goal became the profession “dog catcher” more attractive.

These mostly peaceful animals are hunted by dog ​​catchers and end up in animal shelters, where they mostly die after a short time and often agonizingly or are killed in a brutal way.

We have set ourselves the goal of keeping dogs from such torment or ending it by taking in the animals, providing them with medical care and bringing them to a healthy new home. Of course we can not save all dogs and a rescued dog does not change the world. But for every single rescued dog “his” world changes.

Also, we often help Romanians from simple circumstances who invest more love and love for the animals more money and effort in their rescue than they actually have available and thus often even in need. Every street dog in Romania, like any other animal, has the right to safety, security and love.

If you want to support us with the medical care of our dogs you can donate here.