Happy Stories

October 2020

Tom (now Lenny) has written us a wonderful letter! 🥰

Long text by cat Tom now Lenny ′′ 10.10.2020 was a very special day for me. The days before I started a very long journey. The journey to a beautiful, interesting, cozy, exciting, and above all loving future. While I was still thousands of miles away with many other four-legged travel companions, my new two-legged parents barely slept with excitement. That’s how much they looked forward to me. It wanted to spread boredom along the way when I was [...]

September 2020

August 2020

July 2020

Mabel has a loving family and a lovely garden!

Mabel from the reception station finally found her family! It took a little longer for the ′′ right ′′ people to come – because Mabel had her own idea of what they should be like With a lovely dog friend by her side, lots of space and nature she is now enjoying life to the fullest

June 2020

Simba waited a long time for a family, but it was worth the wait!

Simba had to wait a very long time to find such great people who are willing to give him a chance. Unfortunately, it was not that easy as he is a very anxious dog. It was worth the wait! Simba is hardly recognizable anymore. He’s already fully relaxed after only a few days  

Charlie & Ricky love their new home!

Charlie and Ricky arrived at their home yesterday. They like it very much and they loved their family from the first time. The family even gave up their honeymoon for the two, as long as the family is finally complete. Because with Charlie and Ricky, the happily married couple now has everything they’ve ever wanted 

May 2020

Mira and Gismo were adopted by a lovely family!

We are very happy and wish this little couple many happy years – together! Mira and Roland (now Gismo) were found abandoned at a construction site and secured in a reception station in Bucharest. The many dogs there and their loud barking scared these two, and they were very unhappy there. However, they were very lucky and were taken by the animal shelter Strückerberg in Ennepetal with the promise they would stay together. It took a bit longer for the right people [...]

Happy news from Lotta!

Letter from Lotta’s family: “Since August 2012 our Lotta has been a permanent family member. We fell in love with her then and we can’t imagine a life without her anymore. She settled in well from the beginning and just wanted to please. She wasn’t housebroken and scared of a lot of things, but we tackled everything in small steps and showed her how beautiful life can be. Today we understand each other without words. She is my soul [...]

Max has found his family!

Max belonged to a homeless woman in Bucharest. Her name was Leana and didn’t want go to a homeless shelter because she couldn’t take her beloved Max with her. It was a harsh winter, and exposed to the elements Leana died at the beginning of the year. Dear people made the little man safe in a dog pension and asked us to find dear Max a new family. Thanks to good cooperation we made it and we would like to [...]

Constantin is so loved by his people!

Since our Constantin moved in with us on 09.07.2014, he has taken all hearts by storm. Meanwhile, we know that a miniature Australian Shepherd, Pekingese and Toy Fox Terrier are stuck in him, which explains his attentive and intelligent being. We are infinitely happy to have him in our family and wouldn’t give him up for all the money in the world. Thank you, thank you to SAD Romania for saving Constantin and so [...]

Yoko loves to be spoiled and cuddled all day!

“In my new home I feel super comfortable and safe. My two cat siblings got used to me really quickly, so we’re even roaming the apartment together. I can walk great on a leash and listen very well when I hear my name name. I’ve also found many boyfriends. I can sit, stay and give paws. Staying alone works well. My new family is all enchanted by me. Soon we will be attending dog school with my friend Wicket [...]

Pitic found a lovely home!

Pitic from the reception station in Bucharest has now found a lovely family with a lot of heart. He still has three buddies showing him the world. Every animal is a rescue, from different countries. It’s a small place of harmony. Even the chickens are rescued and live happily between the dogs. Pitic felt very comfortable right away!