How can you help

How can  you help?

There are many  ways  you can  help  us.

First and  foremost we are always in need of financial support in order to do our work. Medical treatments,  food,  and transportation costs are our  main expenses.

You make a  general donation to our  cause. You can  sponsor  an  individual dog or a cat’s vaccination protocol. You can  help  with food  costs. You can  sponsor travel costs for  the lucky  ones  that  have found  homes  and  need a  “ticket”  to travel to their  new homes.

You can  foster. Volunteering  to  foster  one  of  our  dogs or  cats that are on the adoption  program until they  are ready  to go to their  new  home is always a great help. We do not have our  own shelter and  finding  safe locations to house rescues is very difficult. You can  volunteer  and  help  the rescues and  or  the big shelter we support.

There are always a hundred  things to do and manpower is always in  short supply.

Sharing  our  page and  our  efforts also helps a lot. This way the dogs and cats that  are ready  for  adoption are seen  more and  their chances of  adoption become much higher.

We are also on  Facebook at Come check us out,  like our  page and  share it!

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