Nicoleta Project

Nicoleta E. , lives in the middle of nowhere, next to a railroad where she is
an employee.
She has been a widow for 3 years now and, after paying the debts her husband’s illness had caused, she felt she could return to what she loves most: helping animals in distress.

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So she rescued some of the poor abandoned dogs in the fields near her home and took in dogs and cats from poor Romanians who were in no position to properly care for them.

She has tried to pay for food for the 28 dogs and 12 cats in her care from her meager salary.
She neutering all females so that no more unwelcomed puppies would come into this world.
She did her best to build some shelter in her yard for the dogs against the bitter winter and took the cats into her home in the only room she can afford to heat.

But her animals need much more care than she is able to provide.
They need better food and proper shelter.
They need medical care, tests and vaccinations.
And finally they need to find their own families.

All of Nicoleta’s dogs and cats are being treated and tested by us and those
that have a chance to be adopted will come onto our adoption site and loving
families will be found for them!