Our partners


Our  Main partner  in  Germany is Tierfreunde  Hund  und  Leben  e.V.   https://www.tierheim-hund.de

Tierfreunde-LogoAll dogs on our  adoption program are also posted  on their web  site.


The following organizations  also help  us with adoption when they  can:

Pet Crew e.V. http://www.pet-crew.de

Dog Rescue Stuttgart e.V. https://www.facebook.com/DogRescueStuttgart/

Sorgenfelle e.V. http://www.tsv-sorgenfelle.de

SAD Germany e.V. https://www.saveadog.me

Pfoetchenhilfe Penzberg e.V. helps us in promoting  and  rehoming  cats. http://www.pfoetchenhilfe-penzberg.com/katzen.html

Zuzu Express Pet Transport transports our  animals safely  to their final destination. http://zuzuexpress.com/about-us/