Born: 2014

Gender: Female

Height: 55cm

4 DX test: negative

Sterilized: Yes

Ready to leave! 🍀

Akia ❤

Can you remember Momo – our tripod – and his 7 siblings Beppo, Cassi, Dogena, Gianna, Gigi, Loya and Marley? All the puppies had quickly found their families but the mother dog Akia had to stay behind because she had heartworms and was scared.
That was in 2016!!!!
Akia has made progress in this long time and tries to put behind the bitter, hard life she had as a street dog. She now accepts treats from the hand, her heartworms have been treated and she is heartworm free today. She is fit and healthy!
Akia lives on Carmen’s yard in the garage with Hartan and Carina.
There’s no life to be isolated in a garage and she urgently needs to get out of there!
She is a strong magnificent dog!

She is neutered, fully vaccinated with a negative Mediterranean check, and ready to travel to her forever home! 🍀

All dogs are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.

Save me now!