Born: 2020

Gender: Male

Height: 37cm

Weight: 10kg

Fully vaccinated

4DX test: Negative

Neutered: yes

Ready to travel! ūüćÄ

Alf ‚̧ is a hunting terrier and a very special little dog!
He has been living in a foster home in Bucharest with 2 big dogs for 4 months. He is a house friendly dog. He is a highly intelligent active dog who needs to “work” and also needs a lot of outdoor time.
Long walks and jogs are the perfect way to burn off his excess energy. Alf is a brave dog – bold, consistent and confident. He doesn’t fear any challenge.
He is submissive to humans. As a hunting dog, he is dominant over other dogs. He is good freinds with the BETA dog in his foster home but maintains a distant relationship with the ALPHA dog.
However, Alf is not an irresponsible dog and he has learned the dynamics and his position in the pack. He doesn’t challenge a dog bigger than him nor any other doh in a higher social standing. He likes dogs!
Based on his hunting obsession, he has a solid hunting drive. He is very attached to his toys – almost obsessed. He is also a toy thief who carries “the loot” to his nest. Often his basket is full of toys and sometimes our shoes.
Alf loves playing with balls – running after them over and over again. He is energetic and friendly and great with children. He is patient and gentle with kids of all ages.
Alf was found in bad shape by his rescuers. Investigations found that he has a congenital problem. He has retinatrophy in his left eye. (He is blind in his left eye) Despite his visual impairment, he is fully functional and compensates, if necessary, with smell and hearing.
We assume that Alf was most likely abandoned by his previous owner because of his vision problems and was therefor not a useful “hunting tool”.
Alf is not a dog for beginners and needs to be in breed experienced hands. He is suitable for active people. If there is another dog, it has to be submissive. He is not suitable for a family with small animals.
He is smart and wants to please his leader. He is obedient and respects the boundaries.
Alf is fully vaccinated, castrated and has a negative Mediteranean blood check.
All dogs are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.
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