Born: 14.07.2022

Gender: Male

Height: 30cm

Weight: 5kg

Vaccination in progress

Ready to travel! 🍀

Alfie ❤  is healthy and can leave at the end of November after completing his vaccination protocol.
Alfie is a sweet little boy. He is very brave and has a lovely sensitivity in him.
The mother, the foster home where he lives, has Alzheimer and he goes and hugs her side and gives her comfort and kisses. Amazing compassion for such a young animal!
Alfie was very scared at first when he was found in the field and first hiding in the bathroom. But that didn’t take very long and he opened up in his foster home and turned out to be a wonderful dog.
He was clean from the first day and really good.
He is, of course, a typical puppy, playful but gentle and sweet.
He is submissive to the dogs at the foster home and is very interested in the neighbor’s cats and would love to play with them.
For Alfie we are looking for a loving, rather quiet family, with a garden ❤🍀


All dogs are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.

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