Bunny also called Grannie was unwanted and abandoned by her owners. A kind lady in that village gave her refuge and fed her. Bunny was not sterilised and over time gave birth to many puppies who disappeared or died one after the other.
In 2017 one puppy survived and remained with her. Maisy her daughter also gave birth to many puppies that all dies from parvo one after another. Only one survived in 2018. That was little Teddy and he stayed with his mother and grandmother.
In 2018 the Center of Hope held a sterilisation campaign in that village and all three dogs were sterilised. The old lady however begged them not to bring them back to her as she was old, sick and very tired and it was too difficult for her to care for 3 dogs.
So Bunny and her family came to a lovely foster home where they are being prepared for adoption.
Bunny is a little on the heavy side and urgently needs a diet. She is a brave and kind dog. She is very friendly and nice to all dogs and cats.

Gender: Female
Height: 36 cm
Weight: too much!
4DX: Dirolfilaria positive (low grade heart worm) and in treatment and can travel with treatment.
Sterilized: Yes

All dogs are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.


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