Born: Dalia 04.11. 2018 Jasmine 31.03.2023

Gender: Female

FIV/FeLV Jasmine: Negative

FIV Dalia: Positive: FeLV Dalia: Negative

Dalia neutered

Ready to travel! 🍀❤

Small cat family looking for playful, cuddly home ❤
Mother Dalia (black) & her daughter Jasmine (Siam mix) are a very loving couple.
Mama Dalia is a very patient mama cat.
She plays a lot and very softly with her kittens and when she has a break, she loves to caress her rescuer’s arm and then purrs loudly with joy.
Unfortunately, she tested positive for FiV (an immune deficiency disease), which you don’t notice.
Her super healthy kitten Jasmine is a pretty girl cat.
She’s very calm and was the smallest of her siblings.
From the beginning, she only stayed with her mother because she was the smallest and is also a little sensitive.
Her brothers are just way too wild and physically superior.
For little Jasmine, her mom is the most important thing and they both play together beautifully.
We wish for this mother-daughter team a loving and most importantly cuddly family with some space to play and roam.
A beautiful netted balcony is a prerequisite.
The two should not go into the open air.
This little family was found on the roof of a house during a sterilization campaign.
The kittens were born in fossil wool and all had very swollen eyes.
There were also some big dogs who don’t like cats in the yard.
The cat family was highly endangered.
Lovely volunteers picked them up off the roof and brought them to a foster home where they were well cared for and could grow up safely and sound.
Now they have all their shots and can go to their loving family.
They are vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and fleaed.
Dalia is neutered, tested FiV positive & FelV negative
Jasmine tested negative for FiV & FelV


All cats are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.
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