Born: April 2022

Gender: Female

Height: 22cm

Weight: 5kg

Ready to travel: 19.08.2022 🍀

Foka ❤️ was a puppy for the first time today!
Foka is one of the 15 puppies that live on Carmen Dodi’s farm. With Foka being so small and not having a safe place for her, she’s been living in a bird cage since her rescue (at least 2 months ago), high and locked away from everything.
We met Foka on Sunday. The vet had examined her first. Her nails were very long like claws because she had never walked on solid ground.
This shocked and impressed one of our volunteers so much that she offered herself as a foster for Foka so that the little mouse can finally be a dog.
In the first hours in her foster home, Foka explored everything, she ran around like wild in the garden, got to know the dog and the cats, and got a warm bath – which she enjoyed a lot.Then there was a big bowl of food and Foka fell asleep before she could eat it all up and slept happily ❤
Foka is approximately 3 months old. She is healthy with a negative Mediterranean check and can leave in 3 weeks. Foka is heartbreakingly sweet, obedient and careful. She knows nothing, everything is new and curiously explores her world.

She will be ready to travel on August 19th! 🍀


All dogs are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.

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