Born: June 2022

Gender: Male

Height: 30cm

Weight: 5kg

4 DX test: Negative

Sterilized: Will be soon

Ready to travel: 28.02.2023! 🍀

Furby ❤ is a  submissive dog who just wants to please. He is very calm and good, and also a little unsure because he was just recently rescued. He enjoys being petted to the fullest and then he stops quietly and wiggles shyly.
However, if you raise your hand quickly or make a quick move, Furby shrugs together.
Poor little dog man sure got beat up 😔
Nevertheless, he is kind and very nice to people, and longs for their attention.
Carmen Dodi found Furby by a bridge starving and desperate for food. He got caught right away. Carmen took him to a clinic where he was examined and tested. Luckily he was healthy, he just needed to be fed.
Since Carmen has no space and such a small dog is in danger from the big dogs with her, we are urgently looking for a family for this lovely darling.
Carmen will put him outside in a kennel with Eula (also promoted by us)
Furby can leave after completing his vaccination protocol and castration – hopefully end of February/early March! 🍀❤


All dogs are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.

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