Born: 20 November 2022

Gender: Female

Height: 38cm

Weight: 10kg

Fully vaccinated

Ready to travel: 31.03.2023! 🍀🌺

Kala ❤ is an open, loving and friendly puppy. She really likes all people. She has no fear, but is also obedient, good and very willing to learn.
She onlyn has three legs, but she has mastered walking on three legs and loves being outside in the garden.
Kala is already house clean, and asks if she wants to go out. She lives with cats and although she is a little stormy at times, the cats like her very much.
We are looking for a loving family for this brave dog girl.
Kala is very adaptable and fits everywhere.
Along with the beautiful spring weather, Kala is blooming day by day.
She’s playing in the garden. She loves the sun 🌞
This weekend, her vaccination status allows her to walk 🐕 outside for the first time and explore the world.
Kala was abandoned in front of the town hall in Gradinari village. The bones in her right hind leg were crushed. According to the vet, the injury was already a week old and inflamed and the leg had to be amputated.
It wasn’t an easy procedure for a puppy so young and for a while the vets weren’t sure if Kala would survive.
But Kala proved that she was a survival artist of the toughest sort and won her first fight.
She has now been moved to foster home where she is being taken good care of and given all the time she needs to keep fighting.
Kala has a long way to go. She is thin and weak and needs to slowly build up strength and learn to walk on three legs.
It’s heartbreaking to see such a tiny little dog trying so hard to walk and we hope we can give her a normal puppy life, albeit on three legs.
Kala is looking for a very special loving family who will love her with her disability.
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