Born: January 2020

Gender: Female

Height: 30cm

Weight: 4kg

4DX test: Negative

Sterilized: Will be soon

Ready to travel: 30.11.2020 🍀

Lily ❤ was found roaming a country road. Her rescuers stopped her car and carefully she came close to them – because she was driven by hunger.
Her condition was heartbreaking and even worse to see was that this little skinny dog also carried a chain mark around her neck 🙁
Without resistance, she was taken directly to a veterinary clinic where she was thoroughly examined. Luckily Lily was healthy!
Now she lives in an apartment with her savior and is slowly getting used to a good life. She enjoys eating her food and loves the attention and care she gets and enjoys every moment.
Lily is a petite dog.
She has started her vaccination protocol, has a negative Mediterranean check and will soon be neutered.
She will be ready to leave at the end of October after completing her vaccination protocol 🍀

All dogs are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.

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