Born: 15.03.2019

Gender: Female


FIV/FeLV: Negative

Vaccination in progress

Ready to travel: 30.11.2023! 🍀❤

Lily ❤ a Burmese mix with silky fur and beautiful blue eyes.
Lily is such a calm cat. She’s “typical cat” who only wants to be petted and held when she wants to! If she wants to, she can get real talkative to get attention. If she doesn’t want it she growls in warning. She is open and honest 🙂 and you have to respect that!
Lily is playful and in a good mood, often behaving like a kitten. She likes other cats and knows dogs too. She’s not picky with her food.
Lily lived in the country side with a family with other cats and dogs that moved abroad. Lily stayed with the neighbor for over a year, who has since moved back to Bucharest with her son. There lives a jealous and possessive cat that Lily won’t accept. She is constantly chased by her around the house. Lily is hiding and often has to be kept separated.
This is very stressful for Lily!
We were asked if we could find her a home with a lovely friendly cat or as a single princess.
Children should be a little older to understand how to respect Lily.


All cats are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.
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