Born: October 2021

Gender: Female

Height: 34 cm

Weight: 8kg

Fully vaccinated, neutered

4DX test: Negative

Ready to travel! 🍀❤

Malika ❤ is urgently looking!
She is one of the many dogs in Carmen Dodi’s yard.
Malika is a very nice and friendly dog. She has lived with Carmen since she was a puppy. Malika, “Miss Christmas” as Carmen Dodi calls her since she was found around Christmas time, transformed from a cute puppy into a banshee!
She is still very sweet, extremely smart but she is a double alpha dog.
She is a confident, barking and dominant dog. She barks to get attention and since she is left alone a lot it means that she barks a lot 🙂 When she is free in the yard she has to bark again to register that she is there 🙂
Malinka needs some discipline and a leading hand to teach her how to dog one by one and to set the limits.

Malika gets along with other dogs as long as they know their place. If there are treats, she gets them all 🙂 She has learned to catch the treats out of the air and she can jump as high as a kangaroo!
In general, Malika is also very good with children as she likes things a little rough and doesn’t mind being teased!
She is particularly fond of men, which is unusual for a Romanian dog.
Her only fault is the high-pitched barking that can go on indefinitely if left unchecked.

Carmen Dodi found Malika when she was just a few months old.
Malika is ready to travel! 🍀❤
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All dogs are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.

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