Born: 10.05.2023

Gender: Female

Ready to travel when she completes the vaccination protocol: September! ūüćÄ

Mia ‚̧ sweetie is looking for a lovely family with a cat friend
Little magic mouse Mia was born on 10.05.2023.
She is a friendly, open and playful cat girl.
Mia is very open to people.
She was found with her two siblings Ada and Kun and lives in her foster home with other cats and dogs.
She is an extremely social and loving kitty.
Mia is gentle and friendly with people and also children.
A little dream kitten, so to speak.
Because Mia loves and needs the company of her peers, she should have a cat friend about the same age in her new home.
If no other cat lives in the household, then the sweetie would love to bring her sister Ada with her.
We hope this cute little darling has a family (preferably with kids or a lovely dog) that likes to play and cuddle, puts a friend by Mia’s side and spoils her with cuddling and cuddling units.
A networked balcony is a prerequisite, but a nice outdoor space is not excluded either.
Mia was found with her siblings Kun & Ada near Bucharest in a ditch near the road.
They were in great danger of being run over by the fast-moving cars.
They were miserable and suffered when they were lying in a ditch in temperatures of almost 40 degrees. Fortunately, they hid out of fear of the noise of the passing cars and were able to be secured after almost an hour by several volunteers.
They are in the best hands now and well taken care of.
They were admitted to a foster home where there are several friendly cats and dogs and have blossomed amazingly quickly and have quickly dispelled their fear.
Mia can travel to her family in 4 weeks after completing the vaccination protocol.


All cats are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.
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