Born: 01.09.2022

Gender: Male


Ready to travel when he completes the vaccination protocol! ūüćÄ

Portokalis ‚̧ currently weighs just under 3 kg.
He was attacked by dogs and seriously injured. His rescuers wrapped the bleeding tomcat in a plastic bag and took him to Carmen Dodi, known for helping animals in need.
Carmen took the poor cat to a clinic where he received first aid. The brutality of the attack left him with a fissure of the istium bone. The other injuries were external and could be sewed up. Portokalis was incredibly brave and good. He understood that he was being helped and gratefully purred at the vet.
Carmen Dodi took him home and cared for him the best she could. He remained in a cage during this time, which was ideal given the circumstances.
But now that the stitches have been pulled and everything is healed well, this loving and trusting tomcat needs more human contact. He is now in a foster home where he is being spoiled, has more space to move and can socialize with friendly cats.
Portokalis has been tested and luckily he is healthy.
Soon he will start his vaccination protocol.


All cats are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.
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