Born: End of July 2022

Gender: Female

Height: 22cm

Ready to travel: 15.10.2022 🍀

Stela ❤ is one of the latest three puppies at Carmen Dodi on the farm. She has now received her second vaccination and we dare to introduce her so that she can be seen.
Stela is a little puppy girl who was found together with Stelu (they are not siblings).
She is going to stay small. She is healthy and a really nice clean puppy. She’s sharing an enclosure with two other pups. Pictures were taken in the clinic garden.
Stela will be allowed to leave after completing her vaccination protocol in mid-October 🍀
We are urgently looking for a foster or final home for Stella as soon as she is ready to travel.
Stela ❤ made it through her surgery!
(She had growth disorders in the forearm on her right fore leg and had to undergo surgery to correct this). She’s going to stay very small. She really is a mini dog!
Stela is a really purfect puppy.
She settled in quickly at her foster home, after her surgery. Patiently her foster mom teaches her how to be a dog. She is very teachable and smart and surprises her foster mom daily with her progress.
Stela gets along with everyone. The existing dog likes her very much and she gets along with the cats as well. She is very interested in children and she approaches them curiously.
She is cuddly and loves to cuddle. She is also very brave.
Stela is a grateful puppy and always in a good mood and enjoys all the attention!

All dogs are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.

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