Born: 01.09.2022

Gender: Female

Height: 25cm

Weight: 5kg


Fully vaccinated

Ready to travel!🍀❤

Stella ❤ a little mini dog.
Stella is an outgoing sweet young dog. She is very popular with the little dog pack. She is playful and well socialized. She’s a bit dominant – must be because she’s so small – and the other dogs all have some respect for her.
Stella was seen walking on the road between the village where Carmen Dodi lives and the quarry. She came willingly to Carmen without hesitation. She was very friendly and not shy at all.
Unfortunately, we have only just learned about Stella.
She has been at Carmen Dodi’s farm since February and was very good friends with Prima and Donna who have already found their own families.
We hope Stella will find her family soon and will be allowed to leave.
For more information, please send an email to
or contact the intermediaries directly via WhatsApp.
Miriam Leverentz: 0176/ 23832720
Ulla Dabrowska : 01512 9109457


All dogs are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.

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