Born: May 2022

Gender: Male & female

Tests: FIV/FeLV negative

Fully vaccinated


Ready to travel! 🍀

Tea tea and Figaro ❤
😻It’s a sweet little love story. 😻
Teetee, who lives in a clinic, met Figaro, who was recovering from surgery for a broken leg at the same clinic.
At first, they were shy of each other.
That shyness turned into curiosity and that curiosity turned into friendship.
This friendship grew between the two cats and so began a sweet love story!
Figaro and Teetee are always together. They cuddle, play and eat together. If they are allowed to stay in the confined part of the clinic in the pet shop, they hide in the shelves or play alone in the aisles.
Now they also sharing the cage in the clinic where they have to spend the night, which makes life in the clinic much more bearable.
Figaro has now healed well and soon the plate in his leg that he got after the accident can be removed.
So we hope that he will be ready to leave soon too because Teetee is waiting for him in great hope that they will both find a lovely family together! 🍀
All cats are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.
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