Born: 21.04.2015

Gender: Male

FIV/FeLV test: Positive

Neutered: Yes

Fully vaccinated

Ready to travel! 🍀

Tom ❤ is a very loving and friendly cat who just wants to please.
Tom was caught in a catch and release castration campaign. Since he had secretions in his mouth, stomatitis was suspected and he was not released immediately. The vet examined him and ran some tests and determined that he is both FIV and FeLv positive. Since these viruses are highly contagious, he was not released again and remained in the clinic. A nice person felt sorry for him, all alone there in the cage, and picked him up from the clinic. Now he lives in an office where he has no contact with other cats but is among people all day and only in a cage at night.
We were asked to help Tom find a family where he can live alone as a prince or join another cat with the same virus.
It’s been observed that Tom likes other cats – although not in contact with them due to his illness, he is calm and shows signs of kindness. Dogs on the other hand scare him and he hides from them.
Tom is fully vaccinated, neutered and ready to travel! 🍀


All cats are thoroughly screened and treated for vector borne diseases and parasites. They are healthy, fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.
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