Harpy πŸ’– is in foster home 32139 Spenge waiting for visitors!

For Harpy we need people who can build her trust. To have enough time and patience to show her the normal things of life. Until she came to her foster home in Spenge (on 18.12.2020), she didn’t get to know anything that a young dog should have normally known during her growing period.
Harpy is an approx. 35 cm female scared dog, born 15.03.2020 and comes from Carmen Dodi.
Although she always seeks the closeness of man, she is blocked by her own fear of approaching man.
She gets petted and takes treats out of her hand, but only in the place where she feels safe, in her basket.
Walks are always a challenge for Harpy and only possible with safety harness.
She is compatible with other dogs.