“A dog will teach you unconditional love.  If you have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”     – Robert Wagner


Urgent News & Happy Pet Stories

Departure day 30.10

Departure day Today is the day of departure again and three furry noses have drawn are on the... read more

A quick happy ending for sweet Vasilica! 😍

She now has a big sister to cuddle and play with.   read more

Thor found a great family 🍀

read more

Happy birthday to dear grandpa Tzitzi! 🥰

Grandpa Tzitzi from the reception station has found a place of mercy where he can truly flourish and enjoy... read more

Departure day 23.10

Today is the day of departure again and eight furry noses have drawn the lucky ticket and are allowed... read more

Tom (now Lenny) has written us a wonderful letter! 🥰

Long text by cat Tom now Lenny ′′ 10.10.2020 was a very special day for me. The days before... read more

Lazar – Brandy’s brother – has also hit the jackpot!!!

Finally the wait is over. He has developed great, learned to trust people and has moved to his own warm... read more

Happy birthday Beju! ☺

Beju, from the reception station, still can’t believe he found his own family after all these long years. Happy... read more