The stray dog situation in Romania is still a rampant problem regardless of the many efforts by private persons and organizations to reduce the number of unwanted dogs through neutering campaigns.

    A lot of innocent and peaceful dogs which live on the streets – in an effort by the Romanian government to reduce the stray dog population – are brutally captured and brought to public shelters where they either succumb to the inhumane conditions or die a violent death by the hands of their caretakers.

    This despicable and unacceptable cruelty towards the Romanian stray dog fuels our drive to help these innocent animals and the people who are involved in their rescue and care.

    We are a small team of compassionate, determined and dedicated people living in Romania. We offer help and support to locals rescuers in their efforts to help control the stray dog population in their neighbourhood and try to assist them either in the rescue, the rehabilitation and or the rehoming of dogs and sometimes cats.