“A dog will teach you unconditional love.  If you have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”     – Robert Wagner


Urgent News & Happy Pet Stories

Kiki is very loved in her new home!🤗🥰

She gets to accompany her owner to work, where she treats the residents of the nursing home very well. She’s... read more

Departure day 29.09.2023! 🍀🥰🙏

Helen and Kenzo were also allowed to leave the shelter today. Now they are on their way to loving foster... read more

Everything goes well with Bella’s family, the children and the cat and everyone is happy! 🙏🥰

Bella from the Nicoleta Project is doing great!! read more

Jafar (black) and his new brother Joshi! 💖🍀

Sometimes the chemistry fits right from the first moment! read more

Stanley is a fighter – a brave cat who survived all odds and found the most loving home🤗

You didn’t think Stanley would survive after he was hit by a car. But Stanley proved everyone wrong. He addressed... read more

Two lucky cats ! Ianna & Torri – the pictures speak volumes! 💖🤗

read more

Lexi visited her brother Leo! 🤗🥰

Lexi (red harness) has gone to see her brother Leo. He recognized her right away and it was a very... read more

Frodo is happy now! 🥳💖

Frodo, one of the 11 puppies of mother dog Luzie who, together with dedicated animal protectors, were rescued from... read more