“A dog will teach you unconditional love.  If you have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”     – Robert Wagner


Urgent News & Happy Pet Stories

Essy adapting to her new life!

Essy is now with her new family for a week. She still misses her old mommy. But she is... read more

Puppy Athos and his new family!

Puppy Athos arrived safely with his family read more

Puppy Ambra in her new home!

Puppy Ambra arrived well and made herself comfortable read more

Mira and Gismo were adopted by a lovely family!

We are very happy and wish this little couple many happy years – together! Mira and Roland (now Gismo)... read more

Negrut, a gun victim!! His right hind leg is smashed and needs to be amputated today!

Negrut, a gun victim Sometimes when you think it can’t get any worse, something makes you speechless with anger... read more

‼️Help is urgently needed here‼ ️Any donation will help!! Paypal: sadromania1@gmail.com

Please donate a little to help us with the costs Paypal: sadromania1@gmail.com A mother dog, we called her Cindy, was... read more

Happy ending for Mamacita and her puppies!

Now the 11 puppies from Mamacita, who was handed over to Carmen Dodi back then, are already 1 year... read more

Happy news from Lotta!

Letter from Lotta’s family: “Since August 2012 our Lotta has been a permanent family member. We fell in love... read more