“A dog will teach you unconditional love.  If you have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”     – Robert Wagner


Urgent News & Happy Pet Stories

Lord has found his family! 🥳🤗🥰

Finally the long wait is over Thanks to ALL who made this possible! read more

Terry can be visited in foster home 86989 Steingarden! 🍀🥰🙏

!! At the foster home in 86989 Steingarden!! Contact: Miriam Leverentz: 0176/23832720 Name : Terry Born: 20.10.2021 Size/weight: 35cm approx. 10kg Vaccinations:... read more

Ruby can be visited in foster home 44791 Bochum! 🍀🙏🥰 Contact phone: 0157/74446420

She had a good first day. She is very careful and open. She gets along well with the dogs... read more

Mabel arrived well at her foster home yesterday and is enjoying her first walks in the sunshine 🙂

read more

Roni and Rina have arrived safely! 🤩

read more

Pufi has now found her people! 🙏🥰

Pufi, whose start in Germany was not so great, has now found her people after a short time in... read more

Cheeky little Polly (Bee) says hello! 🤗

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Marla happy in her loving home! 🥰

“Marla is already 8 years old and has been with us for almost that long. She is so special to... read more