APA Shelter

In 2002, APA, the Association Prietenii Animalelor (Animal Friends)
was created and opened its doors to a shelter with kennel facilities on a
property of around 6000 square meters in the city of Bucharest,
Romania. At that time there was a serious stray dog problem in the city
and many dogs were taken in and given refuge in this shelter.
In 2004 the population in the shelter had grown to a staggering 1200
dogs which further increased to 1450 dogs in 2007. The shelter was
overcrowded since many dogs were unsterilized and the conditions not
optimal and sustainable.


In 2007 the management of the shelter changed and 2 veterinarians
took over. All adult dogs were sterilized, treated and prepared for
adoption and over the next 5 years many dogs were sent abroad for
adoption in collaboration with the founding father and owner of the


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Today in 2018, the shelter houses approximately 300 dogs – the ideal
capacity for the shelter – of which about 60 % are older dogs over the
age of 9-10 years.
They are the old timers and long time residents of the shelter.
They are some of the initial dogs that were taken in back in the early


Call for urgent help:
The financial support the shelter had received over time came to an end
in June 2018 and the managers of the shelter are now faced with a dire
situation that 300 dogs will starve to death if support is not found. They
are struggling to make ends meet and urgently need help.

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Over the last 8 months homes have been found for around 50
dogs – however the situation is fluid and new rescues are still
coming in.