Tantava Pet Sanctuary

Carmen Dodi is one of those people that cannot look away.

She transformed her home into a sanctuary so that all abandoned or injured animals she finds may find sanctuary with her.

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Carmen Dodi never says no.
She fights for every single life she can save and her hope and determination has paid off many times.

She lives alone with her many rescues and besides the occasional handy man that comes in to help her with odd jobs she manages everything on her own.

Carmen has built a large network of friends on social media who admire her work and who try to financially support her efforts.

Besides collecting animals she helps organize neutering campaigns to minimize the unwanted puppies and kittens in her neighborhood. She assists local families when their pets are in need and she even fosters animals for those who can not care for them even though she has little space.

Carmen is completely dependent on the financial support of others in order to survive. She needs support in everything – in feeding her animals, giving them medical treatment, preparing them for adoption and finding them homes.
Over the years we have tried to help Carmen in the rehoming of some of her animals and have managed, with the help of our collaborators in Romania and abroad, to rehome hundreds of animals into loving homes.

Sadly the numbers of animals do not decrease as Carmen has no limit.

Only very few of the 60 dogs and 10 cats at Carmen’s sanctuary (updated June 2022) are ready to be adopted. They are posted here.
Tantava Facebook page