April 2021

Amy (Pearl) has arrived safely in her new home! 💖🤗

She’s been through so much! She ran for her life – haunted by big dogs in Bucharest streets. Quick action of passersby most likely saved her life. She came to the reception station and afterwards to a lovely foster home where she was well taken care of and spoiled 🤗 But in all this chaos Amy was very lucky and it didn’t take her long to be adopted!

March 2021

Ursus the fighter! 💙💪💖

Letter from Owner of Ursus 💖 ′′ Friends, do you remember URSUS the fighter? He was hit by a car in Romania almost three years ago, and left on the side of the road to die, until an animal rights activist found him and gave him into the hands of a very experienced vet who took care of him day and night and patched him back together …. The little guy fought for months along with his ′′ personal ′′ [...]