January 2021

Sara can be visited in foster home in 69118 Heidelberg! πŸ₯°

Unfortunately Sara is still looking for her home She can be visited in 69118 Heidelberg. Sara (answers more to the name Runa) is a dear family dog, likes to cuddle and is very adaptable. She is currently very anxious in some situations (like crossing bridges, foreign houses – especially when there are stairs – and strangers, especially men). However, she is very attached to her human. She still has to practice staying alone at home. She goes well on a [...]

Shaggy can be visited in foster home in 46049 Oberhausen πŸ€πŸ’–

Shaggy from the reception station has already enchanted his foster home! He laid in front of the daughter yesterday shortly after arrival and enjoyed the petting very much. He is such a gentle giant. He lets himself be guided well on a leash and doesn’t pull at all. Such a wonderful dog with a great character πŸ€πŸ’– He can be visited in 46049 Oberhausen.

Ursu in foster home in 44369 DortmundπŸ€- for contact Whatsapp message 0152 31877442

Ursu can be visited at his foster home in 44369 Dortmund. He comes from a reception station in Bucharest where he waited for his chance for years. He is about 8 years old, 54 cm tall and weighs 23 kg. He is neutered. He loves people and is open and friendly looking for human closeness. He’s a totally awesome and cuddly buddy. He likes other dogs no matter what gender but does not play with them. He is quiet and likes [...]

Departure day 08.01.2021β€οΈπŸ€β€οΈπŸ€

Today is the first day of departure for 2021 and we hope the first of many 5 lucky furry babies are leaving today. Betty has found a lovely family. Siblings Albitza and Fetitza who have been waiting for so long in the Nicoleta project will also spend the winter in warm basket. Cat Zara who was dropped off at a clinic and has been sitting in a cage for months and the cute little cat Lucky have also found families and [...]

Monte (former Negrutz) in foster home in 46049 Oberhausen – contact Miriam Leverenz + 49 176 23832720

Monte (former Negrutz) still waiting for his home Since the beginning of November, the friendly male has lived at his foster home in 46049 Oberhausen and is developing beautifully there! He is a 5 year old neutered mixed male with a shoulder height of approx. 55 cm and weighs approx. 22 kg. Monte was abused by humans as a target for shooting exercises… That cost him a back run . He is coping very well with this handicap. Currently he lives with 4 [...]

December 2020

Ursu in foster home in Dortmund! πŸ₯° πŸ’—πŸ’—

Ursu made it to a foster home (in Dortmund) For many years he had to wait for his chance in the reception station in Romania. He now shows himself grateful and at his best! Dogs, cats and humans are no problem for him, he loves them all He also loves the garden and the foster mom’s petting.