May 2020

Negrut, a gun victim!! His right hind leg is smashed and needs to be amputated today!

Negrut, a gun victim Sometimes when you think it can’t get any worse, something makes you speechless with anger and shock. Negrut, a friendly street dog, who lived near a station in a village outside Bucharest, was shot in the leg with a gun by someone who target practiced. First aid came quickly for Negrut and he is now in a veterinary clinic. His right hind leg is smashed and needs to be amputated today. The authorities have been informed. We hope he [...]

‼️Help is urgently needed here‼ ️Any donation will help!! Paypal:

Please donate a little to help us with the costs Paypal: A mother dog, we called her Cindy, was exposed with her 9 puppies in a field. She was totally desperate and when she saw a lady walk by she ran towards her. You can imagine this lady’s surprise when she saw the dog coming at her with 9 little puppies in tow!! But it was Cindy’s lucky day, because this woman Nicoleta was one of the animal welfare we [...]

November 2019

October 2019

Help feed a shelter dog – Asociatia Prietenii Animalelor

We have this wonderful opportunity of helping all dogs based in Asociatia Prietenii Animalelor shelter. Donate Feed a shelter dog and we match your contribution. #sharingiscaring, so for each kilogram you donate, we double the quantity. The food is of good quality, from premium brands: Brit. N&D, Royal Canin, Hill’s, Taste of the Wild, Team Breeder. The donation can only be paid online, because we deliver food to the shelter once every 2 weeks. Every single kilogram is important! ATTENTION! Regardless of the address in your [...]