Big excitement

Soon siblings Malia, Bunny and Tommy Lee travel to their happiness. The suitcases are already packed and the families are waiting eagerly for their treasures
Malia     Bunny 3     Tommy Lee 1

After a long wait and a false start may finally leave Didina. We are happy that she will soon enjoy a family life. Good luck ♣ Didina!

Didima 5

Martie und Teddy, have traveled together in their happiness.
They were abandoned and forgotten in a sanctuary since they were 2 months old.

Teddy 1     Martie 2

Our three wild bumblebees Brenda, Shorty and Karina – three of the “abandoned dogs” – have now been waiting for over a year, with no hope of finding their chance to find a loving family. Good luck ladies♥

Karina 1     Shorty 4     Brenda 1

Now Grandma Sadie was finally able to leave. We are especially happy for Sadie and wish her all the best from our heart!


Big excitement!

These lucky ones are leaving ♣. We wish them all the best in their new families!

Sammy in snow     Cupid 22:02:2106     Dasher 22:02:2016     Dancer 22:02:2016 Donner 22.02.2016     02 Prancer     02 Vixen     Allen 5     Jimmy k.

New arrival!

Four puppies are looking for their families! Tommy Lee, Bunny, Nanook and Malia are now online with puppies.

Tommy Lee 1     Bunny 3     Nanook 10    Malia

New arrival!

The beautiful and sweet Spike (9 months old) grew up on a construction site. But soon the project is over and he can not live there any longer. Now he is urgently looking for a family because in the sanctuary where he must go out soon, he will be very unhappy.

Spike 12


In cooperation with some local animal rights activists here in Bucharest, Romania, we were able to save 14 puppies and one female mother from sure death.

Hidden in a deserted and ruined house, two mothers gave birth to their puppies – but the once peaceful and safe place almost became a death-trap for the two families.

14 Puppies 1 02:03      14 puppies 2 02:2016

On the same day as the rescuers wanted to bring the families there was an unpleasant meeting between animal rights activists and dog catchers.

A mother’s dog with her seven puppies were captured – the other small family was left to the animal rights activists. A nightmare!

But the animal rights activists have not given up. The next day, early in the morning, they were determined to visit Bragadiru in order to get their little family out there. They have made it and we can now report with relief that the dogs are now safely in a private sanctuary.

14 puppies 3 02:2016      14 puppies 5 02:2016

In further cooperation with our Parnerverein in Germany – Tierfreunde Hund und Leben e. V. (Animal friends dog and life) – without which this rescue could not have been realized, the dogs will now receive medical care and be prepared for adoption.

Now we urge your support!

With a 42 Euro monthly sponsorship (for 3 months) you can take one of the puppies up to the departure and give him a chance for a secure life.

This sum is a 3-month stay in a sanctuary, food, all vaccinations and travel documents.


A sponsorship or partial sponsorship for a mother can be provided for 73 euros or 37 euros per month (for 3 months).

This is a 3-month stay in a sanctuary, food, blood tests for all Mediterranean diseases, castration, all vaccinations and travel documents.

The cost of the puppies and mothers and where to donate is listed here.

Team Save a Dog Romania thanks in advance to all the helpers and participants who support this project.

Only together we are strong!



The older Mr. Sammy has found a dear family! There are nice walks in the woods and lots of cuddly ♥

Sammy (black) 7

Big excitement!!!!!!!

Tim, Fetitza, Ebony, Coco, Vera, Jessie and Happy have traveled in their happiness. We wish our protégés all the best ♥ and thank all involved who made this possible!

Tim in snow Fetita 1 Ebony 4 Coco und Vera im Haus Jesie 2 Happy

Little Allen has found a home and will leave soon!

Allen 2

Siblings Teddy and Martie, who were left for the second time – but this time in a rescue center – are allowed to leave. Finally she could learn what family means!

We wish you good luck!

Teddy 1     Martie 2

Three sisters – Brenda, Karina and Shorty – who have been abandoned in a private sanctuary since they were 3 months old, are also allowed to leave.

Finally they are seen and have a chance to find their own families !!

Brenda 1     Shorty 4     Karina 1

Heartworm positive “grandma” Sadie has pulled the big ticket !!!

She is allowed to leave to love people who are undergoing the therapy with her so that she can spend her last years she still has in love and security. We look forward to hear from us and wish our beautiful and lovely “grandma” all the best!


Siblings Vera and Coco are both adopted and eagerly awaited by their families!

Vera 8     Coco 3

Fetitza the frightened bitch, who almost killed the dog catcher, who had no chance of a home, may leave soon! We are overjoyed and keep our fingers crossed and wish her all the best!

Fetita 1

Ebony, a small love and tolerable bitch saved from the killing, is now first lovingly pimped in a PS. We are happy for the tender dog girl.

Ebony 4

Tim the dear shepherd dog Mischling has found a wonderful family in northern Germany. We are happy for him because he had suffered in the rescue center and longed for his own family.

Tim in snow 3

Happy and Jessie will soon start their big journey. Both dogs are fortunate to be welcomed by loving families!

Happy 2 Jessie 1

James and Asha – two puppies of the forgotten dogs from a private rescue station have pulled the big ticket. They are both adopted and will leave soon!

Asha     James

New arrival!

Audrey and Pinky are two dog children ready to leave!

Audrey     Pinky

New arrival!

Rita our beautiful love, tender and tolerable dog lady is finally ready and allowed to leave.

Rita 8

New arrival!

Jimmy was found in a forest. Now the dear brave dog man on a PS where he is pimped.

Jimmy 2 k.

Finally the time has come and Danika, Dragan, Heidi and Humpty start their big journey to happiness!

We wish you all the best!

Dragan 1 Danika 7

New arrival!

Allen – a little dear and tolerant male.

Allen 5    Allen 1

New arrival!

Rex and Sammy have been welcomed by animal loving people and are now looking for their own families.

Rex in the snow     Sammy in snow

Crisie’s 10 puppies soon online ♥

Crissie 1Blitzen, Dasher (2)Comet (l) , Dancer (2)Cupid, Donner (2)Donner, Dasher, Comet, Blizen (2)Donner, Dasher, Comet, BlizenDonner, DasherRudolph, Donner, Blitzen

All 6 dogs arrived well in Germany.

12633256_1059039714143787_1533760237_o     12630919_1059039634143795_1217029318_o     12620506_1059039554143803_1484462472_o 12620569_10207837554964429_2130967816_o     12637045_10207837356719473_1235392055_o     Draga in Germany 2

Big excitement today!

Draga, Cynthia, Arnie, Max, George and Marietta left today!

Draga 7     Cynthia 11     Arnie 13  

IMG_0806     SAD George 2     IMG_8411

We wish our fur noses of ♥ all the best!

New arrival!

Heidi (l) and Moshu are looking for their families

Heidi 4     Moshu

Marty, Jogi and Bogdana have arrived well in Germany. Thanks to all involved.

Marty in germany     Yogi in germany     Bogdana in Germany

Draga, Dragan and Danika

We are ready to go and see puppies online.

3 Mexican jumping beans

Yoghy one of the forgotten puppies in a sanctuary is looking for his own family.

Bei Welpen online!

Yoghy 1

The forgotten dogs from private shelter # 2

Forgotten dogs of private animal rights activists who would save mine from the streets would be enough!
These four puppies, born on the 21st of June 2015, have been handed over to a private shelter with their mother for 2 months only to be left there.

There they have no chance to find their own families. Have a look at puppies!

Martie Mother dog

The forgotten dogs from private shelter # 1

Karina 3

These three beautiful dog ladies were caught as puppies at 3 months by the dog catcher. Worried “animal rights activists” released her from the killing and took her to a private shelter. There they paid the first months and then left. So they were exposed for the second time!
Born 11.02.2015 – and now almost a year old – these young dogs have no chance to be adopted.
They are the forgotten dogs of private animal rights activists who would save my from the streets enough!

Now online with women!

Brenda Brenda    Karina Karina    Shorty Shorty

New arrival!

Bea was tied to a tree with her foot. She was able to free herself and cower under a car. She was hysterical with fear and in the end her powers. In spite of her great fear she was not aggressive and quickly took confidence in her rescuer.
Today Bea is a smart, active and playful dog.

Bea 1

New arrival!

Brave mother mare Meema born in 2013 has lost 5 of her 6 puppies to Parvo. She loved her only surviving baby and even added other orphan puppies in distress on her PS. Her baby Eric was allowed to leave at the end of 2015 and now she is also looking for her own family. Meema is sweet, tolerable and submissive. She is very adaptable and gets along with all dogs.

Meema und Eric






New arrival!

Siblings Coco and Vera are now safe on horsepower. They have started their vaccination protocol and are allowed to leave in February. Now they are looking for their own families.

Coco und Vera im Haus     Vera und Coco     Coco 3 CocoVera 2 Vera

New arrival!

The sweet and brave German Shepherd Mischling male Tim is looking for his family.

He is friendly and very human. He just wants to like it. To see online at males.


New arrival!

These young dogs live for months without hope for a future in kennels. They were rescued from the streets of Bucharest, taken to a reception center and left there.

They were abandoned and abandoned for the second time!

Everyone is urgently looking for their own families.

See puppy online.

12449557_642993312470825_1373895088_o 12435062_642990029137820_1384408117_o Sunny 12436500_642986335804856_1192499084_o Bruno  12449641_642992142470942_1405648862_o

12432635_642997905803699_1857192179_o 12449184_642994929137330_150566331_o 12443765_643001075803382_1260254042_o 12362851_10207647855695715_7104339326250762248_o Brenda Shorty12435413_642999815803508_565150075_o

New arrival!

Angel escaped the dog catcher’s sling.

The little struppeline is looking for her own family where she can be safe and secure and above all warm.

Who has a place for this lovely dog ​​girl?

IMG_0945     IMG_0970     IMG_0929

New arrival!

Max lived at a construction site. He was fed there by the workers. He was safe there and protected. But the project came to an end and the workers are now gone and they have left him – left to themselves and the dangers of Bucharest. Beautiful castrated male only 3 years old – 60 cm tall – very friendly and tolerable is urgently looking for a family.


New arrival!

Jessie had found shelter in an old abandoned house. Alone and desperate without human contact – hungry and at the end of her strength – she was rescued by animal loving people.

Jesie 1

New arrival!

The half-starved, sick dog-child found lying in a field has become a magnificent healthy dog. May I introduce?

Didina a strong and healthy dog ​​girl – now online at Puppies to see 🙂Didina Baby     Didima 5

Misha, Elsa and Marley have taken the lead and have been able to escape the bitter winter. You have already ridden in Germany – warm and secure!

Mikhail (Misha) 2     Elsa 2     Brad 1

Siblings couple Jay and Jasper, Monty and Donald have packed their bags and are waiting for their departure. You are lucky enough to leave before the bitter winter!

Jasper und Jay 3     Monty 1     Donald 6

Siblings Mara and Mila, Jackie and Baby Eric have already found their baskets. You are now in Germany – safe and secure – with loving families.

Mila 3     Mara 2     Eric 1     Jackie Chan 6

Finally our black beauty Teresa made it and she was allowed to leave with the Kiri, Karim and Lucy. Safe and warm, all four fur noses will spend the winter.

IMG_1355     023 (Copy)     007 (Copy)


New arrival!

Arnie and Monty are now online with puppies!

Arnie 2     Monty 5

Elsa has already found her family !!!

Elsa 2

Fulga, Mickey and Toby travel in their happiness! We wish the three dogs all the best!

Fulga 5      Mickey *     Toby *1

New arrival!

Three puppies disposed of in a carton are now fit and healthy looking for their own families! In puppies online!

Brad 1 Marley Luna 2 Luna Elsa 2 Elsa

Emma is the lucky guy from a litter of five puppies. She has already found her family and is allowed to leave first.

emma new 4

Finally, Utti is allowed to travel to happiness and follow her three puppies. We wish the little bitch all the best in her new life and good luck ♣