July 2020

June 2020

Mom with two puppies saved from a busy road!

Paypal: sadromania1@gmail.com Any donation would help cover the costs for this family! A mother dog was abandoned with her puppies on the side of a busy road. She was totally desperate, as her puppies were roaming around and venturing on the busy road, at any moment being in danger of being hit by cars. They would not have lasted They were lucky to be spotted by Andreea’s husband, one of the animal welfare we support. Without hesitation, he stopped, gained the scared mommy’s [...]

May 2020

Negrut, a gun victim!! His right hind leg is smashed and needs to be amputated today!

Negrut, a gun victim Sometimes when you think it can’t get any worse, something makes you speechless with anger and shock. Negrut, a friendly street dog, who lived near a station in a village outside Bucharest, was shot in the leg with a gun by someone who target practiced. First aid came quickly for Negrut and he is now in a veterinary clinic. His right hind leg is smashed and needs to be amputated today. The authorities have been informed. We hope he [...]

‼️Help is urgently needed here‼ ️Any donation will help!! Paypal: sadromania1@gmail.com

Please donate a little to help us with the costs Paypal: sadromania1@gmail.com A mother dog, we called her Cindy, was exposed with her 9 puppies in a field. She was totally desperate and when she saw a lady walk by she ran towards her. You can imagine this lady’s surprise when she saw the dog coming at her with 9 little puppies in tow!! But it was Cindy’s lucky day, because this woman Nicoleta was one of the animal welfare we [...]

November 2019

October 2019

Help feed a shelter dog – Asociatia Prietenii Animalelor

We have this wonderful opportunity of helping all dogs based in Asociatia Prietenii Animalelor shelter. Donate Feed a shelter dog and we match your contribution. #sharingiscaring, so for each kilogram you donate, we double the quantity. The food is of good quality, from premium brands: Brit. N&D, Royal Canin, Hill’s, Taste of the Wild, Team Breeder. The donation can only be paid online, because we deliver food to the shelter once every 2 weeks. Every single kilogram is important! ATTENTION! Regardless of the address in your [...]